Miramar Beach, which is part of South Walton, occupies the site of what was formerly a beach community known as Santa Rosa Beach. Santa Rosa Beach was founded in 1910. Santa Rosa Beach is distinguished by Highway 98 and Choctawhatchee Bay, both of which are located there. The communities that make up this region are not all situated on the beach directly; rather, there are a number of options within a short driving distance that offer a variety of price points. But is Santa Rosa a good place to live or is Santa Rosa a city with an affordable cost of living

Santa Rosa County is one of the few in Florida that can compete with neighboring counties. The majority of residents who call Santa Rosa County home are also business or property owners. A significant percentage of young people just starting out in their careers that lean to the right can be found living in Santa Rosa County. The public schools in Santa Rosa County, California, are among the best in the state.

Cost of Living in Santa Rosa

According to our rating, it comes in at number 38 out of 9294 worldwide, number 30 out of 2202 in the United States, and number 23 out of 319 in the state of California for cost of living in Santa Rosa. With a yearly cost of living of $2882, Santa Rosa is one of the most expensive cities in the world, ranking among the top 0.4% of the most expensive locations to live.

After taking into account taxes, the median salary comes out to $3880, which is enough money to cover one and a half months’ worth of essential living expenses. It is ranked number 1506 on the list of the finest cities to live in the United States, number 251 on the list of the most livable cities in California, and number 4207 on the list of the greatest places to live in the world (in the top 45%). With an estimated total population of 178,000 residents, Santa Rosa holds the 155th spot on the list of the most populous cities in the United States.

Cost of Electricity in Santa Rosa 

The average monthly cost for electricity in Santa Rosa Beach, CA is $252. When tallied up, that amounts to $3,024 each year. The typical American household’s electric cost is $2,077 per year, therefore this is a 46% hike from that figure. Considering that the average cost of electricity in Santa Rosa, California is 29 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), a typical home or business in the city uses 864 kWh every month, or 10,368 kWh per year. Electricity costs in Santa Rosa, California, are projected to run a possible $132,800 over the course of 25 years.

Your monthly energy payment can be lowered in two ways: by decreasing your electricity consumption or your electricity expenses (like by installing a solar system).To get your money’s worth out of installing a solar energy system in Santa Rosa, it will take an average of 5.16 years. There may no longer be any outstanding balances on your electric bills at this time. If you don’t own your home and can’t put solar panels there, or if you rent and can’t make any changes to the property, you can still subscribe to a community solar farm and save 5–15 percent on your monthly electricity bill.

Cost of Housing in Santa Rosa Beach

In October 2022, the average listing price for a property in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, hit $1.2 million, which was a 41.2% rise over the previous year’s price. $615 was the amount that was considered to be the “median” per square foot for residences that were put up for sale. The price of a home that fell somewhere in the middle of the pricing range was $552,500. In October 2022, the asking price of a home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida sold for an amount that was 3.73 percent lower than the final sale price of the residence. 

The typical amount of time that passes between when a house in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida is put up for sale and when it is purchased is 43 days. The tendency for the median number of days on market in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, has been increasing over the past month, however the trend has been somewhat dropping over the course of the previous year during this same time period. Because there is a larger supply of homes than there is demand for homes in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida during the month of October 2022, the real estate market there is believed to be one that favors buyers. This is because the supply of homes is greater than the demand for homes.

Minimum Wage in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa’s minimum wage will increase by more than $1 in the new year. Wages will increase from $15.85 to $17.06 per hour, or by approximately 8%, beginning of January 1. That’s about $1.50 over the new state minimum wage of $15.50 an hour. Proponents of the hike believe it will aid low-income residents of the city in keeping pace with the rising cost of living in Santa Rosa Beach. It’s clear that the epidemic and inflation are having an effect on the nation’s chronic, unsustainable economic inequality, as Mayor Chris Rogers stated in an official statement. “Given the high cost of living in Sonoma County, our minimum wage policy aims to address this on a local level.

To speed up the state’s move to establish minimum wage at $15 for companies of all sizes by 2023, the Santa Rosa City Council unanimously approved a local wage ordinance in 2019 that called for the citywide minimum wage to increase to $15 for large companies by July 2020 and smaller companies by 2021.The city of Santa Rosa has an ordinance that applies to all enterprises, no matter how big or small, and that is updated every year to reflect the rising cost of living in Santa Rosa Beach.

The Average Salary in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa salaries exceeding $52,000 are good. Since Santa Rosa’s median income is $52,000, earning more than that puts you in the top 50% of earners. Santa Rosa averages $60,414. $25.0 is a decent Santa Rosa hourly wage. That’s a good $1,000 weekly and $4,333 monthly income. The median wage is merely one technique to calculate a respectable Santa Rosa pay. Santa Rosa housing prices can be used to calculate a good salary. Experts recommend a 5:1 home price-to-income ratio. Santa Rosa’s typical home price is $540,600, making $108,120 a fair salary.


Santa Rosa Beach includes characteristics that families search for in a desirable community to raise children, such as strong schools, low crime rates, college-educated neighbors who promote education due to their own experiences, and a greater rate of homeownership in mostly single-family homes. Do you believe Santa Rosa beach to be the best? Obviously not, and it won’t even come close to what you’re used to if you enjoy a vibrant evening. This is a family-friendly community with a lot going for it. And if your choice is living in Santa Rosa Beach you should contact Santa Rosa Beach movers for everything because they are in your disposition.