A white moving truck parked with the ramp setup and opened gates.

Top 3 Tips To Help You Prepare To Move

Aug 20, 2019 | Moving To

The time has come…there’s so much to do. Packing, changing your address, switching over your utilities…and hiring a moving company. Preparation is key. Here are some helpful tips to help you survive moving day.

1. Coordinate timing.

Whether you are closing on a new home or moving into a new rental, knowing your move-in date will help you stay on top of each item on your (unforgivably) long to-do list. Be sure to switch over your utilities a few days before your move-in day. It’s important to remember that utility services typically charge a fee for same-day services.

2. Pack everyday items last.

Yes, packing can be very time-consuming. But unpacking tends to take people longer than anticipated. If you decide to pack yourself rather than hire a moving and packing service, be sure to set aside items used on a near-daily basis. Think of it as packing for a long weekend. Pack an overnight/carry-on suitcase of the essentials. Anticipate that it will take you a little longer to unpack and organize your new home, so an overnight bag will key to staying comfortable during this process.

3. Hire a professional and reputable moving company.

Do your research. All moving companies are different and offer a variety of services. The best moving and storage companies are highly reputable among locals… so ask around. Don’t know of any local moving companies? Start with asking local storage companies or realtors. Be sure to request a detailed quote. Inquire as to what is included in the bill, services that aren’t mentioned on the website, and whether tax is factored into the quote.

We are experts in moving and would love to share with you more insight and tips to help make your big day go smoothly.