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This image shows an Emerald Coast Moving truck parked at a house in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

We all know what the build-up to moving is like- trawling through page after page of ‘movers near me’ ads or searching the ‘local moving company’ websites until your head feels like it’s going to fall off.

Look no further- you’ve found the right site and the best moving company around!

It was as easy as that, thanks to our awesome website!

So, you’ve made the right choice coming here

You’ve chosen the best movers in the Florida area and want Emerald’s moving services that will far exceed your expectations of a local moving company, right?

Of course, you do.

So, let’s get to it- what are the moving services that are provided?

  • Local moving services– regardless if you’re moving 50 feet or 500 miles, they’ve got you covered for the long haul.
  • Storage Facilities– If you’re looking for storage safer than Fort Knox, they’ve got you covered. 24-hour surveillance? Yep. 24-hour Monitoring? Yep. Even James Bond couldn’t infiltrate these storage facilities.
  • Employee and Office Relocation– Moving an entire business can be a pain for anyone to organize and complete, which is why all of the burdens are put on us, with fast and efficient moving to make sure you can get back to earning as soon as possible.
  • Boxes and Packing Supplies: Looking for boxes and packing supplies? We’ve got you covered- offering tape, packing paper, markers, paper pads, bubble wrap, and stretch wrap at the best prices around.
  • Packing Services– Do you have years of experience with handling fragile objects and a god-like Tetris packing ability? We do – our Emerald’s packers do – we know the best and safest way to pack all your belongings should you need it.

The Emerald Moving & Storage Offer – Are you Ready to Rumble?

Photo of happy husband and wife unpack things after moving into new house, carry white plates, pose against kitchen interior, have fun, dressed in domestic clothes. People and moving concept

So you’ve now checked out our awesome website, decided on every possible service to make sure you know your move will be as easy as possible but have you made sure you’re ready for the big day yourself?

There are some things nobody ever teaches you because you’ll find out by yourself how to do it eventually, but why wait and suffer? Let us guide you…

How to Pack a Kitchen

Honestly, who actually knows the best way to pack up a kitchen? Well, other than our movers, it’s one of those things you never think about until you’re forcing a kettle between three plates and a spork you found under the fridge, right?

As well as being the best movers around, we’ve put together a list of what the best plan of action is before the big day.

Large and Small Appliances:

  • Make sure all appliance doors and anything open is taped to stop swinging and breakages
  • Defrost the fridge/freezer! You don’t want soggy furniture when you arrive…
  • Keep the things you’ll likely need when you get there nearby, like a kettle or toaster
  • Clean out your toaster! You don’t want to find all those charcoaled pieces of toast and bagel all over your stuff…

Crockery and Fragile Items:

  • To prevent breakages, just simply put some polystyrene between each plate you stack together
  • Newspaper is pretty useless except for preventing scratches, and it won’t help to stop things breaking, so find something a little more withstanding
  • Pack the things you don’t use as much first, like the cookbook you found behind the microwave, using it as a lining for your boxes
  • Line your boxes with other things, like towels and cushions or other soft things

Glasses, Cups, and Mugs:

  • Boxes aren’t as strong as you think, so don’t overload them with heavy stuff like glass
  • Put as much soft padding in between each piece of glass- bubble wrap is a great one for this
  • Stack the cups with polystyrene cups in between. It works a treat
  • Don’t put anything heavy on top of these boxes!
  • Label them clearly


  • To prevent wasting your hard-earned cash, don’t do a huge shop before you move as it will perish or defrost, so instead, eat everything in the fridge before… yes, you have just been given permission to binge!
  • Any tinned foods or cupboard foods you don’t want to take with you can be donated to a homeless shelter or food bank- a good deed for the day, too!
  • You’re likely to get hangry on the day, so pack a big lunch with you, or find a place you like to eat at on the way
  • Have the essentials ready, like bread and milk for the day you move in; the last thing you want is to forget to have the ingredients for a cup of tea when you need it most – don’t forget the moving team too!

Who knew there was such an easy process to packing up a kitchen properly? Well, now you do.

Emerald’s movers are beneficial, and this is one of the many moving services they can offer, saving you the stress should you need it. Check out our services

You can also read up on our moving FAQs!

Next, it’s Time for the Big Kitchen Stuff

Whether you’re getting Emerald’s movers to do the heavy lifting or not, it’s worth knowing how to do it just in case you might need to know for the future.

So, here’s how to move a fridge, step-by-step:

  • Firstly, as mentioned earlier, you’ll want your fridge to be completely empty, so you or the movers don’t have to break their backs or dodge a rogue watermelon slice as it flies from the doors.
  • Unplug the fridge, and either tape it to its side or wrap it up close to avoid tripping on it.
  • Defrost, defrost, defrost. It was mentioned earlier, but this is a vitally important step!
  • The best way to avoid a black eye from a fridge door is to wrap bungee cords around or tape them shut.
  • Strap the fridge to a lifting dolly, and make sure you’re not doing this alone if there’re stairs involved.
  • The fridge must always be lying on its side and never its back, as this can break the doors or the motors at the back.

So, you’ve decided on the best local moving company in Florida- Emerald Moving & Storage – let us help you with every aspect of your move – from the big stuff to the small – whatever the job, we’ll get it done…